Loss of Contrast Simulator

Loss of Contrast Sensitivity:

Loss of contrast sensitivity refers to an inability to distinguish shades and hues which are "close together" in color space. LASIK patients seem to disagree about its perceptual manifestations, perhaps because other aberrations so frequently accompany significant loss of contrast. Some patients seem to feel that loss of contrast further darkens the dark parts of an image, while other patients seem to feel that loss of contrast causes images to become more gray overall, to the point that edges can become lost. Either model can be created with this simulator


  • 1. Click on a thumbnail image to change pictures at any time.
  • 2. Choose a shade of gray to add to the image.
  • 3. Choose how much off this gray should be added to the image.
  • 4. TIP: Try adding darker colors to dark images, and medium gray colors to medium or light images.

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