Glare - Starbursting

Glare - Starbursting: The term 'glare' is sometimes used to refer to any visual aberration resulting from refractive surgery. In the simulator below, the aberrations could be described as either glare or starbursting. Adding more blur to the image pushes the result toward glare, while larger rays of light against a sharp background are more suggestive of starbursting.


  • 1. Use the glare slider to add more glare to the lights in the picture.
  • 2. Use the opacity slider to make the glare more or less transparent.
  • 3. Use the blur slider to blur the background of the picture.


  • 1. Many individuals who see glare, particularly those with larger pupils, will see more than one aberration, for example, glare combined with ghosting or blurry vision.

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