Ghosting Vision Simulator


Technically, "monocular diplobia." The term 'ghosting' was coined around 1957, and originally referred to the false image on a TV screen, caused by signal reflection. The perceptual effects of eye injury and failed refractive surgery are often similar, but here, signal reflection results from irregularities in the corneal surface. Ghosts vary in terms of transparency, size, and colors ghosted. We have worked with patients with ten or more ghosts in low light conditions. Some ghosts may be apparent only in dim light, or only on days when the eyes of the patient (common following LASIK) are relatively more dry.

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1. Use the opacity slider to adjust the transparency of the ghost.

2. Choose what colors to ghost, either all colors, light colors only, or dark colors only.

3. Drag the yellow circle to position the ghost image.


1. Many refractive surgery patients report more than one ghost image.

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